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Transport & Leisure

Swagefast focuses on improving operations and minimising downtime with superior automotive fasteners and components to meet the stringent quality demands of heavy-duty transportation applications. As a result, uncompromising quality and reliable delivery are an integral part of the way we provide the service you expect.

Bus, car, trailer, caravan, truck and container manufacturers all rely on Swagefast for quality fastener solutions that are designed to prevent equipment downtime and increase productivity for long-term, dependable operations.

Our extensive product range and a highly trained sales team experienced in transportation production, technology requirements and quality standards, ensures that we have the capacity to deliver the right solution for your sector’s needs. Furthermore, our solutions are backed by excellent technical and after-sales support.

Swagebolt Fastening Systems withstand the excessive rigours of dynamic loaded stress in air, road and sea transportation.

  • Truck Chassis & Bodies
  • Trailers
  • Buses
  • Caravans
  • Containers