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Solar Power

Swagefast supports the growing renewable energy sector in South Africa by supplying Swagebolt Pins & Collars and installation equipment to manufacturers of large-scale Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

As solar technology becomes widely adopted as a viable energy investment, the production of solar plants requires an innovative fastening solution that ensures high speed assembly, resistance to vibration, consistent high clamp and tamper-proof joints. The Swagefast Fastening System offers a highly vibration resistant joint owing to its unique design in which the collar is swaged into the annular locking grooves of the Swagebolt – ensuring a permanent lock.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Thousands of heliostats (or mirrors) are mounted onto tracking systems in order to follow the sun on two axes and store the sun’s heat. This requires a fastening system that ensures structural integrity over time and eliminates loosening due to variations in temperatures.

Photovoltaic Solar Plant (PV)

Large-scale ground mounted photovoltaic solar systems involve the construction of thousands of solar cells assembled into modules mounted on a rack or tracking system. This requires sturdy mechanical fasteners that have high tensile and shear strength.