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Company Policies

Company Policy

Swagefast endorses the concept of sustainable development, which goes far beyond conservation to include a sustained growth philosophy which respects nature in the interest of long-term development. Subscribing to this viewpoint simultaneously implies a realisation that protecting nature, or at least ensuring a more efficient use of natural resources, is in the long-term interest of business:

  • Environmental Management System

    Environmental Management System is to be built into Swagefastexisting management system, enabling the Company to identify any negative effects its business might have on the environment, and to set appropriate goals to address them.

  • Energy Efficiency/Water Saving

    Electricity consumption was reduced by fitting energy efficient heat/cooling reclaim systems.  All our lighting will be electronic ballast in the future. Air-Conditioners must be energy star compliancy certified in future.

  • Health, Hygiene and Safety

    The health of employees is protected and promoted by providing them with a clean and hygienic environment in which to work.

  • Awareness of Consumer Concerns

    Through effective communication, Swagefast seeks to create an awareness of environmental issues amongst its employees, customers and local communities i.e. enviro facts and recognition of major environmental events.

  • Waste Management

    Swagefast will  ensure  an  efficient and environmentally  safe disposal  of all waste generated. It will also aim to increase the proportion of waste recycled.

  • Environmental Staff Awareness

    As part of the Company Induction, new employees are made aware of Swagefast’ commitment to the  Environment.  Thus  ensuring that  employees  at  all  levels  throughout  the  Company,  see environmental responsibility as part of their jobs and not an additional function.

Ethics Policy

Swagefast is committed to a policy of ethics, integrity and honesty in conducting business. This policy applies equally to directors, employees and representative of the company.

Conflict of Interest It is expected from all employees to perform their duties professionally and honestly and to act in the best interests of the company at all times. Employees must not use their positions or knowledge gained through their employment with the company for private or personal advantage, or in a manner that conflict/or an appearance of conflict arises between the company’s interest and their personal trust.

A conflict of interest could arise where a supplier of goods or services is known or related to a staff member, who is also in a position to make a decision regarding the procurement of those services by virtue of the staff member’s position in the company, thereby resulting in a profit/gain to the staff member and/or loss/opportunity cost to the company. A person is “known” if he/she is a friend, acquaintance, family member or other relation.

Outside Activities, Employment and Directorships Employees should avoid acquiring any business interest or participating in any activity outside the company that would create or appear to create an excessive demand upon their time, attention and energy that would deprive the company of their best efforts in their work/or a conflict of interest – that is, an interest which would interfere or appear to interfere with the independent exercise of judgement in the company’s best interests.

Employees may not take up outside employment or hold outside business directorships without the prior approval of the company.

Relationships with clients, customers and suppliers The company recognises that relationships with clients, customers and suppliers give rise to many potential situations where conflict of interest, real or perceived, may arise. Employees should ensure that they are independent, and are seen to be independent, of any business organisation having a contractual relationship with the company or providing goods or services the company.

Personal investments The company respects the right of all employees to make investment decisions as they see fit, as long as these decisions adhere to the conflict of interest provisions of this code. Employees should not permit their personal investment transactions to have priority over transactions for the company and its clients. An employee’s personal investment decision should not adversely influence their actions on behalf of the company.

Compliance Employees must comply with all applicable laws and regulations which relate to activities for and on behalf of the company. The company will not condone any violation of law or unethical business dealings by any employee, including any payment for, or other participation in, an illegal act such as fraud, bribery or money laundering activities.

Employees must ensure that their business conduct is professional and ethical at all times. They should bear in mind that the perception of their actions by others is important, and should act accordingly. The directors, employees and staff of the company must promote the reputation and image of Swagefast through their actions and conduct.

Contravention of the Code The company regards any contravention of the code as a serious matter. At the same time, any suspected or alleged contravention under investigation must be treated with utmost confidentiality.

If employees believe that their own actions have, or may have contravened the code, they should immediately inform the managing director.

If employees suspect that another employee of the company has been responsible for a contravention of the code, they should report this promptly and confidentially, preferably in writing, to the chairperson.

As contravention of the code is a serious matter, it may result in disciplinary action, including the termination of employment. Certain breaches of the code could also result in civil or criminal proceedings.

Quality Policy

“ Our policy is to market products of a quality standard that will provide Customer satisfaction by performing expected functions reliably and effectively ”

The Quality Management System (QMS) that we have established has the total support of senior management and the commitment of all other company personnel concerned to ensure specified procedures are adhered to.

In our commitment to Quality our Quality Management System (QMS) has been certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

Training is done on an on-going basis to familiarise personnel with our technical objectives, products, codes, standards, design and corporate procedures.

Quality is of utmost importance and our Clientele can be assured that all our products are Inspected, Tested and Certified.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use this website and to show our commitment to your privacy.

Cookies and Internet Protocol (IP) logging

When you visit our website, our server will record your computer’s IP address, Your IP address is used to help us identify you and to gather broad demographic information and compile general statistics.
Cookies and your IP address will be used to track the pages you visit on our website. We will use this information to analyse the way our site is used, and to administer and improve the accessibility of our site. We will not use it for any other purpose.

Changes to our Privacy Notice

We keep our Privacy Notice under regular review and we will place any updates on this web page.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Notice or information we hold about you

Human Rights Policy

Swagefast strives to ensure that every individual within the company respects the rights and freedoms enunciated below and to secure their effective recognition and observance throughout the company. Subject to considerations of health and safety and within the constraints posed by the nature of its business, Swagefast seeks to protect the right to :

  • human dignity;
  • fair treatment (subject to considerations of affirming previously disadvantaged groups);
  • freedom and security of person;
  • not be subjected to slavery, servitude and forced labour;
  • freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion;
  • freedom of expression (subject to considerations of confidentiality and the prohibition of hate speech and incitement to cause harm);
  • peacefully assemble;
  • freedom of association;
  • make political choices and to exercise those rights outside of working hours;
  • freedom of movement;
  • fair labour practices;
  • not be employed if you are a child;
  • not be arbitrarily deprived of property or possessions;
  • freely participate in the cultural life of your choice;
  • lawful, reasonable and fair action; and
  • not be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention.

HR Development Policy

Swagefast is committed to constantly improve and develop the skill set/level of all employees, by means of an integrated approach to the advancement of education, training and development.   Our Company commitment to the development of our Human Resources is based on the following principals, in that:

  • we are obligated to educate, train and develop our employees;
  • we  acknowledge  that  all  employees  have  a  basic  right  to  continual  and applicable education, training and development within the framework of their appointment;
  • we acknowledge that all employees must be trained and developed according to their potential, aptitude, interests and abilities;
  • not be subjected to slavery, servitude and forced labour;
  • we acknowledge that training needs must be identified on a continual basis to ensure employee growth and empowerment;
  • the training and development of employees as such, are of extreme importance to render the appropriate quality-and constant level of service;
  • the development of human resources should be aimed at improving knowledge, skills, attitude and to unlock employee potential to the benefit of the employee, organisations and community;
  • freedom of association;
  • make political choices and to exercise those rights outside of working hours;
  • to create a culture and climate conductive to human resources training and development;
  • we  accept  this  responsibility  by  establishing  and  maintaining  a  learning environment that respects and  accommodates the  values and  culture of  its employees and community at large;
  • we will ensure the creation of appropriate structures and procedures for the implementation of this policy.

Safety Policy

Swagefast is committed to consistently working in a safe manner. Our Company commitment, as well as our personal commitment is subject to considerations of health and safety and within the constraints posed by the nature of its business, Swagefast seeks to protect the right to:

• maintain a safe working environment; • maintain an injury-free working environment; • maintain safe and healthy working relations; • provide and maintain safe plant and equipment; • review and revise this policy as necessary; • be in compliance with all associated laws and regulations.

To accomplish this goal we will commit the necessary resources, encourage development of safe working attitudes, develop and communicate safety programs and standards. Always have the necessary signs and indicators applied and displayed to indicate hazardous areas and or conditions. Ensure adherence and discipline throughout the organization. In the final analysis we are all responsible for our personal safety as well as the safety of those around us.

Environmental Policy

At Swagefast we believe that the environment represents a strategic resource for both current and future generations.

We need to minimize the impact, which its activities have on the environment by applying appropriate, cost effective measures to foster environmental, sustainable economic development.

The following principals are embodied in the company’s practices :
Environmental concerns are part of the day to day activities of the Company’s Operations. All activities, from planning to implementation of projects, incorporate efficient use of resources and minimization of both environmental impacts and waste generation.
The company strives to continuous improvement of environmental performance in the light of economic, technical and scientific change as well as recycling.