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Fastening Systems

Vibration and shock can quickly impair joint integrity and affect overall product performance. Applications where a high level of vibration is prevalent demand the use of vibration proof fasteners to ensure that the integrity of structures is maintained. The Swagefast Fastening System offers a highly vibration resistant joint owing to its unique design in which the collar is swaged into the annular locking grooves of the Swagebolt – ensuring a permanent lock.

Proven for use in multiple industries, the Swagefast fastening system is ideal for heavy duty, high vibration applications, combining shear strength with quick and easy installation – resulting in a virtually fool proof solution that gives the assurance of long term joint reliability.

The majority of fasteners in the Swagefast system have been designed to meet or exceed SAE Grade 5 or ASTM A-325 and ISO (8.8) strength requirements, ensuring high clamp force and, tensile and shear strength, depending on the application.

The Swagefast Fastening System includes:

  • Standard Swagebolts
  • Step Down (SD) Oversized Swagebolts
  • Blind Rivet Swagebolts (BRL)
  • Stump Swagebolts (SL)
  • Flush Break Mono Fasteners (MB)
  • Flush Break Maxi Fasteners (MGB)
  • Bodytainer Fasteners (BF)
  • Flush Break Multi Fasteners (MGL)

Features and Benefits:

  • Vibration resistant
  • High shear strength
  • High tensile strength
  • Uniform clamping force
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Visual inspection
  • Lower installed fastener costs
  • Improved fabrication quality
  • Reduced rework and scrap charges
  • Minimal inspection costs
  • Lower installer training costs

How to get maximum performance with Swagebolt pins and collars:

  • Swagebolt pins and collars are lubricated to provide proper driving characteristics and should not be degreased.
  • Installation surfaces should be 90° to the Swagebolt pin axis for normal conditions and spot face for other conditions.
  • Collars may be driven on surfaces inclined to a maximum of 1 in 20 from the Swagebolt pin axis.
  • Collars may be driven on curved surfaces with a minimum radius of 3 times the Swagebolt pin diameter.
  • Collars should be removed from the application by splitting them axially with a collar splitter.
  • In the case of replacement – if the hole sizing is not worn or oversized, a Swagebolt pin of the same diameter must be used. If the hole sizing is worn or oversized, a larger diameter Swagebolt pin should be used.

Considerations for selecting your Swagefast Fastening System:

  • The material of the fastener or its coating should be compatible with the application’s material.
  • The fastener diameter is determined by the shear and tensile strength required.
  • The fastener length is determined by the total material thickness that requires fastening. Order by diameter required and the total material thickness that requires fastening.
  • It is recommended that a standard (CS) collar is used where the holes on the application do not exceed the maximum hole sizing specifications.
  • It is recommended that a flanged (CF) collar is used where the holes on the application are worn or sizing exceeds the maximum hole sizing specifications.
  • Fastener head styles are determined by clearance requirements.